About us

Tempo Dance Academy is the first & largest dance academy in Jordan and is an authorized member in the International Dance Organization IDO. it has opened its doors in July 2006 to provide high quality training to people of all ages. Our dance programs offer a wide range of classes, for young people aged three to adult.


Dancing sessions can be a good exercise for health. In fact, you can burn as many calories in dancing as in walking, swimming or riding a bike. Exercising by jogging (outdoors or on treadmill) is an unattractive alternative for many people. Dancing is a mild form of aerobic workout and dance lessons make exercise a fun and enjoyable social event any night of the week.



The art of dancing uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today's busy lifestyles and improves health.


People can meet new friends as dancing provides a natural icebreaker and becomes a common denominator in any crowd, dancing avoids depression and loneliness also it improves self-confidence "a happy self" and encourages cultural diversity.


* Improving Physical Health:

Regular dance practice can increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina


* Getting socially-active:

Dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends. If your child is shy, enrolling her in dance can encourage her to reach out to other children her age and help to reduce her anxiety about new people or places


* Improve Self-Esteem & Building confidence:

As children adjust to the movements and postures required in dance, they begin to get a better sense of their bodies. As they become more comfortable in their own skin, their confidence and self-esteem also improve